Requiem for Father Murphy / Shrine of Reliance (2018)

Collaboration with Father Murphy (2018)

Two pieces from the installation ‘Shrine of Reliance’ by Reinhold Bogaard were shown during a live performance by the Italian neopsychedelic and noise-rock band Father Murphy on their final tour.

Recorded live October 25th 2018@ OCCII, Amsterdam

Collaboration with Father Murphy, OCCII, Amsterdam, 2018

Requiem for Father Murphy / Shrine of Reliance

Collaboratie met Father Murphy (2018)

Twee delen van de installatie ‘Shrine of Reliance’ van Reinhold Bogaard werden vertoond tijdens een live performance door de Italiaanse neopsychedelische en noise-rock band Father Murphy op hun afscheidstournee.

Live opgenomen op 25 oktober 2018 @ OCCII, Amsterdam.